Do’s and Do not’s

Joining an introduction agency these days is by no means an easy task. It is very important to weigh the agency you consider to join and weather the agency has the experience, skill and the facilities to provide you with the best possible services and chances of success. The size of the agency is of extreme importance, as only a company with a very large clientele can hope to provide the section that is required for matching two special people together. AMB is aware of this, and therefore duly takes the initiative to advertise on a very extension scale, ensuring a member of many thousands of people, and hence the choice of people for you to meet . AMB is the largest marriage bureau in South Africa and Africa. That is another factor worth considering. The quality and integrity of the company is of most importance. How well established is the company?  Will they respect your confidentiality? Will they provide real value for money? Many “cowboy“ companies have developed and collapsed over the past years, which in turn caused a lot of disappointment, heartbreaks and financial loss to many people. For this is the reason AMB is a registered organisation.


  • Always make sure to see constant adverts in newspapers.
  • Utilise your membership period to the maximum. It is also important to update the bureau with the
  • outcomes of your introductions, in order for you to enjoy a successful membership.
  • Feel comfortable to inform the agency when things are not satisfactory, but also to be patient to give it time as success does not always happen overnight
  • Visit the offices of the agency and ensure it is set up properly. There have  being many short term operations that have caused financial pain.
  • Join an agency if it is a full time organisation.
  • Join the agency based on the length of its establishment. The more number of years it has being operating successful , the more reliable it becomes in the eyes of the public.



  • Join an agency operating only from a mobile telephone number unless you are sure that it is a well established organisation and  wont disappear with your money.
  • Join an agency without a fixed premises or proper offices.
  • Join an agency who only offers you services through a web and cannot be contracted personally.


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