About Us

Asian Marriage Bureau (S.A) was formed in June 1995, set up originally for the purpose of introducing quality people to one another, (bring people together for the right reasons). our (1000+) introductions forwarded per year.

There are two directors,   and  a team of five individuals, THE BUREAU IS RUNNED BY FOUR PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD. Asian Marriage Bureau has established itself as one of the largest marriage bureau in Africa with an unequalled outstanding reputation. Our immense experience over the years and amount of advice we have had from the experts in this field, have together enabled us to develop a matching system without any comparison. Many companies have tried to imitate our name and system of methods, but none have been able to match the quality and professionalism of AMB. In addition none have been able to also enjoy the success of our unique system. It is thus important to remember that success is obviously a joint effort with AMB. The success of your membership depends largely as well in your own intention and how serious and dedicated you are.





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